Jenny Gilruth MSP says Programme for Government will help build back a better Mid Fife and Glenrothes.


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Jenny Gilruth MSP says Programme for Government will help build back a better Mid Fife and Glenrothes.

Published date : 08 Sep 2021

Jenny Gilruth has welcomed the Scottish Government’s 2021/2022 Programme for Government as a strong plan to begin the recovery from the pandemic for Mid Fife and Glenrothes.

The First Minister unveiled the Government’s programme for the next year to MSPs yesterday, saying that “a better Scotland – as part of a better world – is waiting to be built”.

The Programme for Government focussed on building a greener, fairer country for all individuals and families in Scotland, and offering the people of our country an informed choice on Scotland’s future.

This was backed by commitments to invest at least £1.8 billion to make Scotland’s homes and buildings more efficient and easier to heat, doubling the Scottish Child Payment as quickly as possible and restarting work on a detailed prospectus for an Independent Scotland.

Commenting, Jenny Gilruth said:

“This is an ambitious policy programme from the Scottish Government which has clear commitments to deliver a better life for people across Mid Fife and Glenrothes.

“It addresses the challenges that the last 18 months has left us with and it has the ambition needed to rebuild a better country as we recover.

“The recovery and remobilisation of our health services is undoubtably a top priority for people across Mid Fife and Glenrothes, so the SNP Government’s commitment to a minimum of £2.5 billion more on frontline health spending will be particularly welcome news.

“Furthermore, the investment of £1.25 million in libraries in the poorest areas of Scotland will be vital in ensuring access to knowledge for everyone.

“I also welcome the strong commitments the SNP Government has made for the youngest in our society. From wrap-around childcare to extending free school meals for all, this is SNP Government is focused on delivering for Scotland’s children.

“Moreover, while we have already abolished dental charges for those under 25, this SNP Government will go further and abolish dental charges for everyone.

“Lastly, this SNP Government intends to secure a referendum on Scottish independence, once the pandemic has passed, to put Scotland’s future firmly in Scotland’s hands.

“Last May the people of Scotland overwhelmingly endorsed an SNP Government – a Government who keep their promises, has the ambition needed to help build a better Scotland but, most crucially, takes the action needed to make that ambition a reality.

“This is a prospectus that meets the challenges and opportunities ahead and offers the people of Scotland the choice the deserve over their future.”


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