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Published date : 07 Aug 2019

Jenny Gilruth MSP recently paid a visit to Addaction, in Leven, to meet with members of staff and those who the service has helped.

The MSP was walked through the wide range of services available at Addaction – from 1:1 assessments to the overdose prevention work they do. Ms Gilruth spoke with the needle exchange staff about the process and benefits of clean needle provision for those with an addiction.

The visit to the Leven-based chapter of the national organisation took place on the back of Public Health Minister, Joe FitzPatrick’s, call for increased consumption room approval.

The Scottish Government’s recent overhaul of their alcohol and drug strategy has seen a £20 million a year funding increase, and a newly constructed range of measures to prevent drug related harm. The new taskforce that has been established also aims to focus on how those most are risk are supported and that the wider issues that push them into addiction are treated.

Commenting after the visit, Jenny Gilruth MSP said:

“I am grateful to all of the staff at Addaction Leven for the worthwhile and constructive impact they are having on the local community

“On the back of the recent figures that have shown Scotland to be experiencing the highest ever level of drug deaths, it is crucial that organisations such as Addaction exist to mitigate the chances of overdose and to educate about safe drug use practices.

“Addaction Leven is a fantastic organisation that is clearly committed to not only reducing the chances of overdose, but also promoting recovery and safe practices – which is directly in line with the Scottish Government’s recent drug and alcohol strategy revamp and is the way in which we are going to tackle the issue at its root.”

Gareth Balmer, the Manager of Addaction Leven, added:

“Addaction Fife is proud to be one of the range of service working to reduce drug related harms across Fife.

“Harm Reduction services, in particular the provision of clean injecting equipment can , at first seem like a counterintuitive reaction to our very serious drug problem. It is however a real word response that addresses what is happening here, now.

“We strive for Recovery for all of those affected by addiction but need to ensure that while on that journey we minimise the harm that a serious drug problem can cause to that person, their family and our community.

“By reducing the spread of blood borne viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis C by reducing the sharing of needles or by reducing the amount of illicit drug use in our community by providing heroin substitutes such as methadone, that can massively reduce both the amount of street drugs a person uses and in turn the crime that is often associated with funding that use.”

For more information on Addaction and the services offered, please click the link:




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